Family friendly fun in Detroit

If Detroit isn’t on your list to consider for a family vacation, it should be. This historic city has automobile and music legends to spare, plus unique outdoor spaces, which add up to plenty of kid-friendly activities.

From chowing down on Detroit-style pizza to learning about automotive history in nearby Dearborn, here are 10 suggestions for family fun in the Detroit area.


Catch a game at Comerica Park

Even if you’re not a baseball fan, Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers, is worth a visit for the action both on and off the field. There’s a carousel where kids big and small can go ’round and ’round on the back of – what else? – snarling tigers, and the Fly Ball Ferris Wheel, where you can get a bird’s-eye view of the park from a baseball-shaped capsule. Booster seats are available for smaller kids. At least half of the fun of checking out a game is the food, so don’t forget the hot dogs.


Make a sand castle at Campus Martius Park

The city of Detroit is decidedly urban, but that doesn’t mean it’s all concrete and tall buildings. Residents and visitors can find plenty of grass (and sand and ice!) at Campus Martius Park. During the summer there’s a sandy beach here, even though the only water in sight is spurting out of the various fountains. Set up a beach chair and umbrella and relax while the kids build a sand castle. Winter finds the park ready for the holidays, with an ice skating rink and an annual tree-lighting ceremony.


Grab a slice, Detroit-style

Detroit-style pizza isn’t as well-known as New York- or Chicago-style pizza, but it should be. Square and deep, a Detroit-style pie places pepperoni and other toppings under the cheese – and plenty of it, going right up to the crispy, buttery edge of the pie. Sauce is drizzled on top. Give it a taste in the place it all began: Buddy’s Pizza, which has been serving up thick, crunchy slices since 1946.