My Boss Sent Me Down to Cabo

Of course I am supposedly here to work, but it does not look much like that. The funny part is that he is going to end up writing off the entire thing on his taxes and it is going to be a huge sum of cash. I was here to make deals, or at least to flesh out the fine details of them. However no one really ever got around to that so far. We are staying in an incredible luxury villa rentals for Cabo San Lucas. There are about a dozen people here, myself, my wife, the boss and this girl that busted up his marriage along with three huge clients and their guests. The big event so far has been a three day trip on a charter boat. We did that before we moved in here. I caught a really big fish, although I could not truly claim much credit for it and I did not even really know what it was until they told me it was a dolphin.

That confused me, but this is a pompano dolphin, which is not a mammal or a dolphinfish. That is a mahi mahi or so they told me and it is even better to eat than this fish is. At any rate all I was waiting until something grabbed the bait and then I did what they told me to do. It was pretty fun though and after that I let the clients catch all of the other fish. We were there trying to impress the lot of them, but that is a delicate balance. You want to do business, but they have to have fun. It is not a good idea to be pushy and so far we are leaving them all alone as much as they want us to.